Digitale kleuranalyse! 1

Elab digitale kleuranalyse…..CAPTURE – CALIBRATE – CREATE ……single centrals 🙂 !

Digitale kleuranalyse! 2

The dental world didn’t change much for over 50 years in shade taking techniques. We still have A-D shade guides and we are still struggling to match the central crown. Some cases are successful some less. Sometimes patients have to go to the lab for the try-in, sometimes they have to visit 2-3 times the surgery to make sure the shade is perfect. With eLAB and digital try-in at the lab we can deliver the restoration with much a more predictable outcome. No more shade guides, no more difficult guessing the shade. From now on we can work with the dentists all over the world without seeing the patient. After the polar eyes photography with the calibrated grey card we can determine colour digitally and also which ceramics we should be using. We create the crown and make another polar eyes photo, blend it in the the first picture and compare digitally. This digital try-in tells us whether we’re on track…


After great ELAB course last weekend in Macclesfield with Sascha Hein the first cases are coming up. Since 2 years we already do a lot of polar eyes photography, smile design and intra oral finishing with patients. This week we pre launched the eLAB protocol by burning out food colors of our ceramics, ordering the Power dentines with higher luminosity from Ivoclar. This case in the picture is an Trios IO scan, we did the in-house printing of the dental models with Formlabs 2. Designed ZR coping in colour white on Exocad. Today I saw patient for polar eyes photography and shade taking (ELABing 🙂 ) ….Next week the eLAB protocol starts 🙂

Deel !